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Other Locations

Other locations - The Sacred Chain and Holy Forest are autonomous of any government, their sole jurisdiction being the Goddess and the Dragons who serve her. Menaan also has it's own government and society, though it is too small an area to have many more colonies aside from the city of Menaan itself. Many Maruke colonies on other continents consider themselves outposts of Menaan though and occationally quarrels break out over who's government they should be abiding by. The Nyn and Fey each share land with the other countries, but have their own autonomous governments and in most cases the locations of their cities and homesteads are not even known to the governments let alone the general public. It should be noted though that in an attempt to keep relations prosperous between the Eiflans and the Fey in Virdeen, the Queen has recieved a seeing stone from the Queen of the Faeries (a Seraph Caste Fey), so that they may meet on occation to discuss political matters. The Undines for the most part consider their underwater domains to be their lands, and Eiflans respect this. The exception to this is the dual city of Levant, where the Eiflans and Undines each contribute to the maintenance of the city.
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