The Jett (the_jett) wrote,
The Jett

Isle of Desolation

Once a verdant and green Island, this place was transformed thousands of years ago, back in the time of the Alfs. Nothing is left though to remind the Eiflans of what the place once looked like, and it is mostly avoided now but for the occational scientist or magical researcher wishing to know more about the ancient past.
Today the Island is covered in a thick layer of ash, with black, burnt trunks all throughout it that we can only assume were once thick forests or jungles. A mountain on the east side of the Island constantly oozes bubbling, hot magma from a seemingly never-ending wellspring beneath the Islands crust. This magma forms a large path through the Island known as the "River of Fire".

It's said that the reason for the Island looking the way it does, in a perpetual state of destruction, is that many thousands of years ago there was a great battle here, a battle sometimes mentioned in the texts left behind by the mysterious Alfs but never described in detail. The only thing that seems clear about it is that after this battle occured, life on Eifel was changed forever, and seemingly irreversably. Today, the Isle of Desolation often plays host to Synnafae, the Elemental Summon of Fire, who is sometimes seen by scientists and other researchers stepping carefully through the ash covered ground as if contemplating something very poinient and looking exceedingly meloncholly.
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