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RP mini tutorial (For beginners in the world of journal based roleplaying >D)

If you are new to lj rping, and don't quite know what to do,
Read this and it should clear a few things up for you. K? ^.^

Okay, for exceptionally long posts, yes you would use an lj cut because it's polite and cuts down on scrolling.

Also, you make an lj cut if you have a post with mature content. If you are going to make such a post, put a warning in the lj cut link text (i.e. Rated pg, pg13,R,nc17, ect)

Your personal journals are for personal thoughts, and others can't respond to them, they're like your diary, ya know?

The community journal is where you post AIM rp sessions, and rp threads.

Now, say I posted a thread:


Notice how the players try to keep a decent amount of detail, without overloading the post with pointless descriptors :D

There is also, as mentioned, the option to do an AIM rp with a person. Or an AIM chat rp with a few people.

It would basically be like this:

Hitsuzen no Maison: Aeris sighed boerdly, she was lonely without her friends, and wanted some company very badly.

Maester Luva luva: Seymour tapped Aeris on the shoulder, hearing her sighing and seeing her depressed expression. "Is everything alright?"

These are faster moving because they're done through instant messenging, so the responses tend to be shorter.
After you finish an aim rp, one of the players should copy and paste the rp to a document and then post it to the rp community. Usually, whoever does this will delete the usernames to make it look more like a story and less like a very strange AIM conversation. ^.^

k, thats about it I think. Anything else will likely be in the rules. Feel free to post questions on this thread, and I'll try to answer them and possibly update this from time to time.
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