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Post Format

Who:(What character is posting)
What:(One line describing post content)
When:(What time of day is it?)
Where:(Where is the character located?)
Interactions:(Who the character is interacting with, or Open if you don't have anyone specifically in mind.)
Warnings:(Language, Sexual content, whatever you think might be offensive to other rpers.)

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So this is one of those "World Mergy" thingies. How do our memories work?
Aside from characters that are insane enough to have 4th wall knowledge your memories from before the merge will remain mostly unchanged aside from not remembering that there wasn't always a Gotham or X-men and such. There can be the vague sense that something is 'off' about the memories though, and if someone coming from the timeline of movieverse meets up with someone from the comic book timelines they can handle it as they choose. Either treating it like one of them time traveled or attempting to unravel the mystery of why their memories don't match up. Or at their discression (since this is AU) they can always treat it as though they are meeting each other for the first time.

Gotham's not on the East Coast anymore!? Neither is Metropolis? What? How am I supposed to keep track of these changes?!?
Some locations got shuffled around when the Brothers changed everything. If you need to know where something is please consult the MDC World Map.

I want some boylove! Is that allowed?
Considering the existence of characters like Midnighter, Appolo, Batwoman, and Rainmaker, this shouldn't even be an issue. But since you asked; We accept Het, Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Hermafrisexual, we're pretty open minded. NC17 and X-rated scenes are allowed, just please put them behind an lj-cut and include a warning somewhere in either the description or the cut text so that people who don't wish to view that stuff know what they're getting into when they click the link.

Alright! I've got muses!! How many of them can I use?
You can have up to 3 characters to start with. However, if you're taking an amalgam character, that character counts as two of your characters (or all three, if the amalgam is a 2/1 split). If you are active and wish to have more than 3 characters, you may apply for one. If you are unsure if you are active enough to handle more than 3 characters, contact a moderator to check.

Do I have to play an amalgam character?
Not at all. Amalgams are just an extra option. No one needs to take them to be able to play, but if you want them, the option is there.

I'd like to apply for Belldandy/Goku/The Major/Ichigo/other anime or manga character. Can I?
Wait...did you say Major Motoko? Damn she'd be really cool to have around. But unfortunately I'm going to have to say no. The only anime/manga characters we will consider are the Marvel Mangaverse characters, and even then it might not be accepted.

Hmm...You said Amalgam characters are welcome here. How about Lobo the Duck?
You just love to make things difficult don't you? But to answer your question; Yes. That character would be allowed. And I say this only because the mainstream DCU has "Detective Chimp".

What about more straightforward amalgams, such as Super Soldier or Iron Lantern?
We allow those characters. We also encourage you (if one or both of the characters in the amalgam are taken) to use an alternate incarnation of a character to complete the amalgam. In some cases this will even make it more interesting that it would have otherwise been (I.E., The Superman of one world is called Ultra Man, and is evil. He's got a different back story and motivation than Superman, so an amalgam with him would produce a potentially different version of Super Soldier).

I want to play Dark Claw, but Logan is already taken! Do I still have a chance?
You do, but it would have to be a different version of the character, ex. Dark Claw could be an amalgam of X23 and Batgirl, or Wolverine's Son and Nightwing. You could also use an unused Logan from an alternate Earth.

We already have *Insert Marvel Character Here*, can I play the ultimates version?
It depends on how different the character is. For example, the Ultimates Tony Stark (if I remember right) is someone named Antonio Stark. He's not the same person so he would be playable. However, Ultimate Spiderman is still Peter Parker, so if we've already got him that would make things a bit awkward.

What about Alternate Earth heroes?
On the whole; no. There can be exceptions however. (EX: Helena Bertinelli is normally the Huntress, but in one alternate Earth, she's Batwoman, replacing Bruce Wayne in that universes reality.)

Someone is playing Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Can I play Jason Todd or Dick Grayson as Batman?
Yes, yes you can.

"My character has NPC followers. What can or can't I do with them?"
You have control over your nameless npc minions, but remember you don't have an infinite supply of them. Also, if you plan on invading with an army or some such thing, you'll have to figure out how to get that many people from point A to point B, as well as the political ramifications that will befall whatever land you're invading from. Of course, if your last name is Von Doom, you probably don't care.

Say you play a character like Anarky, Robin, etc. who rely on gadgets in fights. Do they just, automatically have them, or do they need to take the time to build them, or buy them, even?
Most of the characters who utilize gadgets have been shown to build and develop them themselves. We don't really expect you to have to make posts about building them, but mentioning utility maintenance once in a while would be appreciated.

I want to reserve a character! How do I do it?
Send a mod either a PM or an Instant Message via the contact info on mdc_multiverse's userinfo page telling them what character you'd like to reserve.

Alright, did that, WOO! How long do I have to make my app?
I'm glad you asked. Reserves will be held for two weeks, after which point the character will be removed from the list.

Oh no! I procrastinated waited too long to fill out my app! What do I do now?
You can either finish your app and post it without the reserve, or you can wait 7 days and then renew your reserve.

Why seven days?
This is to prevent people from infinitely renewing their reserve while never actually completing the application.

What if there's someone playing Maxx and someone playing Hulk and the two characters amalgamate? Do both players play the amalgam?
Well, it would be up to the two players. Because you'd have to talk to the Hulks player before creating the amalgam. It's possible you guys could have joint control, with each of you making posts for the character.

Would a new account have to be made?
Only if the amalgam was going to be permanent. If it's going to end at some point then you could continue using the journal(s) you have, but maybe with some shopped icons added to represent the new existence.

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MDC application

OOC Journal:
Contact info:(AIM,YIM,MSN,Email,ect.)

Requested Character:
Character Journal:
(please note here if your journal is a private diary or an IC blog)
Characters Age:
Hero or Villain:
Series of Origin:
Universe of Origin:
Powers and/or Special Skills:
Current Location:
Anything else we should know?
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RP mini tutorial (For beginners in the world of journal based roleplaying >D)

If you are new to lj rping, and don't quite know what to do,
Read this and it should clear a few things up for you. K? ^.^

Okay, for exceptionally long posts, yes you would use an lj cut because it's polite and cuts down on scrolling.

Also, you make an lj cut if you have a post with mature content. If you are going to make such a post, put a warning in the lj cut link text (i.e. Rated pg, pg13,R,nc17, ect)

Your personal journals are for personal thoughts, and others can't respond to them, they're like your diary, ya know?

The community journal is where you post AIM rp sessions, and rp threads.

Now, say I posted a thread:


Notice how the players try to keep a decent amount of detail, without overloading the post with pointless descriptors :D

There is also, as mentioned, the option to do an AIM rp with a person. Or an AIM chat rp with a few people.

It would basically be like this:

Hitsuzen no Maison: Aeris sighed boerdly, she was lonely without her friends, and wanted some company very badly.

Maester Luva luva: Seymour tapped Aeris on the shoulder, hearing her sighing and seeing her depressed expression. "Is everything alright?"

These are faster moving because they're done through instant messenging, so the responses tend to be shorter.
After you finish an aim rp, one of the players should copy and paste the rp to a document and then post it to the rp community. Usually, whoever does this will delete the usernames to make it look more like a story and less like a very strange AIM conversation. ^.^

k, thats about it I think. Anything else will likely be in the rules. Feel free to post questions on this thread, and I'll try to answer them and possibly update this from time to time.
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Jett monochrome

Eifel Application Form

OOC Journal: (Optional)
Contact Info: (AIM, YIM, Email, ect)

Characters Name:
Characters Journal:
Characters Age:
Characters Race:
Characters Class:
Physical Description:
Racial Traits:(physical traits such as Fey/Boreal halfling 'tells')
Current Location:
Powers and/or Abilities:
Sexual Preferance:(optional)
Anything else we should know?
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Rules for Eifel

1. Play nice or don't play! Please everyone respect each other and treat each other with dignity OOC. If you are contemplating something to do IC that you think may make the other person uncomfortable, please discuss it with them first.

2. No Godmodding. If you don't know, Godmodding is when you explain to the other player what THEIR character does OR you know things about the character that are supposed to be secret without discussing it with the other mun first. Don't do it. It's disrespectful and sucks the fun right out of the rp.

3. We accept characters from the above list of races and the occasional mixture of races. Very very few, if any Original Races will be accepted. Unintelligent Undead (Zombies, Animated Skeletons, ect.) will not be accepted as characters. Nor will ghosts. These creatures need the interference of a Necromancer to come into creation and have no will of their own.

5. You may have up to 3 characters starting off, and if you feel you can have more and are active, then we'll consider you for a fourth.

6. New players must make a post within the first 7 days or lose their characters. If you are having internet problems or are moving or something, please just give us fair warning k?

7. Yaoi, Het, Yuri, we accept it all. Just as long as we see more than just sex rp from you, we won't care. We're out to have fun, but this rp isn't centered around smut so try and have some normal character interactions from time to time :9

8. If you are applying for more than one character, please put the applications in separate posts, this makes it easier for the mods to add each characters information to the community’s memories. Also when you make your application, be sure to put 'World of Enchantment' in the Subject heading. That way we know you've read the rules at least once. :D

9. Please be active. If you do not post for more than three weeks and we don't hear from you, you will receive a warning. If you don't post or comment within 4 days after that, or if you have to be warned more than 3 times, you will lose your character(s). We do understand if you are having net problems, school, etc, but please, try and let us know, okay? Also, if you're in a thread with two or more other players, you'll have 7 days to reply when it's your turn, after which point the other players will have the option of skipping your turn. You will then have to await your next turn to respond. (no cutting in line :9)

10. NC-17 scenes are alright, but if you do such a scene, please put it behind an lj-cut with a warning in the title of the cut. That way, we all know what it is, and no one clicks it and ends up seeing something they didn't want to.

11. Applications must be detailed. Try for at least one page of text in total. Or, if you're not sure when you've hit a page, just be as detailed as possible, and we're sure you'll make the cut. Also, all applications should be posted in the OOC Community; jett_inc_ooc. This is where all out of character discussions should be held, so it's important to join it as well as the rp community.
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Dragon Half Dancen

MDC Rules


1.No Godmodding. Godmodding is when you tell another player what their character is doing and/or know things about the character that are meant to be secret (without getting the other muns approval). Just respect your fellow players and the moderators OOC. The character you play may be an evil jerk, but that doesn't mean you should be as well. And that kind of attitude takes a lot of the fun out of the rp. So let's try and keep it fun for everyone.

2. Don't ask to be a Mod please. If we feel we need to add another member to our team, we will decide who it is going to be. Asking us for the position directly is a fast way to stop us from considering you, as is dropping hints.

3. We accept characters from the Marvel, DC comic, and many other Comic Universes. This includes film and animated versions of characters. There's very little we won't consider here as long as it's comic book related.

4. We do not accept characters such as the Watcher, or the living Tribunal. Major cosmic beings are Moderator Operated NPCs. (This includes Galactus.)As a general rule of thumb, if the words 'cosmic', 'omnipotent', 'omniscient' or 'omnipresent' are in the characters description, it's not allowed, particularly since omniscient could bleed over into Godmodding territory.

5. Activity is important. You have a week (that's 7 days) after your character is accepted to make your first post OR join in an existing thread. You can also make a post in your character journal, but it's not required. If you need to go away or you're moving, please make a notification in earth_zero, or email or IM a mod. If you're in a thread with two or more other players, you've got 7 days to reply when it's your turn, after which point the other players will have the option of skipping your turn. If that happens you'll have to wait until your next turn to respond (If you're having a particularly busy week, this could work in your).

6. You cannot amalgam 2 characters from the same universe unless there is a character from another universe in there as well. Amalgams cannot contain more than 3 characters.

7. Post your character applications in the OOC Community earth_zero. Make sure you put MDC In the post subject. Applications should be close to a page in length at least. Just be as descriptive as possible and we're sure you'll do fine. If MDC is not in the subject title, we'll ask you to read the rules again so you get it.

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