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Barring some Fey and Boreal Castes, the Leverets are the shortest race in Eifel, not getting to be more than 4'0 for males and 3'8 for females. (This is at the head, not the ears). Living in harmony with the land, these tribal nomads are strict vegetarians, their digestive systems being incapable of processing meat. Aside from their short stature, Leveret females tend to be shapley and rotund, while the males can be portly or slim. Underneath their soft and often fluffy exterior though they are well muscled, the result of living without the aid of the Eiflans modern conveniences. Leverets can have human like hair on their heads, or they can simply have a layer of fur like that which covers the rest of their bodies. They come in many colors, from brown to white, black to grey, and even spotted or "tipped". (Tipped is a coloring similar to siamese cats, where the ears and paws are a different color than the main body). They have black eyes which do not seem to have pupils, and six wiskers, three on each cheek. There are two kinds of Leverets; the "Pointed" Leverets live on the grassy plains and occasionally are found in small groups roaming the desert. They have straight ears which usually point towards the back of their heads. "Lop" Leverets live in deep forests and high mountains, and their ears hang down loosely, floping around either across their shoulders or behind their heads. With either the Pointed or Lop varieties, the fur lining the Leveret's ears grows quite long where the ears meet the head, and in the case of Leverets with Eiflan-like hair, it will ofen blend and mingle with the other hair, sometimes making it seem as though their hair has white streaks in it. Even without Eiflan like hair, Leverets will comongly braid the long hair, tieing it with embroidered or beaded ties. This hair can often change color from white at the base (near the ears) to red, brown, blonde, or black towards the ends.

Leverets wear hand woven clothes made from silk they harvest from insects they tend themselves, and from cotton which they grow. They work softer metals and stone and wood into tools and jewelry, and are excellent bead crafters. Male Leverets are often seen sporting tatoos colored with in made from various plants, berries, or other natural colorings. They have never been known to wear shoes, for this hampers their senses. Leverets are inately able to detect things by sensing the vibration of the ground. Their ears are also highly tuned and they have better hearing than most any other race in Eifel. They often decorate their heads with hand made bandanas and Feathers that they have either found or plucked from birds. While they are Vegetarians, they do not abstain from drinking milk or eating dairy products, and will also consume eggs so long as they are unfertalized.

Leverets are powerful jumpers and aside from the mystical Fey and Boreal races, they are unmatched for speed on land. Being creatures of the land though, they can be uncomfortable in Sea or Air Ships and are prone to motion sickness. Because they are vegetarians, they do not construct weapons, instead defending themselves with powerful punches and kicks which their small build belies. It is rumored that the Monks of the Sacred Forest originally learned their techniques from the Leverets. Leverets have an average lifespan of 138 - 145 years, however, they breed prolifically, and twins and triplets are not uncommon for this race.

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