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A Ki'lin like beast with the Element of Snow and Ice as it's power, Re'em's home is believed to fluctuate between two places, the vast and icy Frozen South, and the highest snow covered peaks of the Yumel Mountains, where legend has it that if a Maruke Cheiftan is wise and an exceptional leader, the Summon will appear to him as an omen of good fortune. When summoned into battle, the area around the beast always becomes cold and snowy, as though winter follows it wherever it goes. Re'em stands as tall as a Karkadan at the shoulder, and it's body is covered in scales. It resembles a deer, and it's body is almost entirely white, up to it's head, which is bright red. It's eyes are piercing blue. It has a mane that begins at it's chin and travels down the neck, ending at the underbelly, with similar forelocks starting at the knees and going all the way down to the split toed golden hooves. down the top of it's neck it has a mane like a horse, and it's tail is short and curled around, but the hair of the tail is so long that it reaches the ground. another set of feltlocks travel down the back of Re'ems hind legs, and all these are white. A small pair of antlers adorn it's head, the color of Ivory.

In battle, Re'em has access to all the Ice spells, and can also rear up on it's hind legs to attack opponents with it's front hooves, or turn about and kick them with it's hind legs. Re'em can also charge enemies, peircing them with it's antlers or sometimes biting them with it's teeth. When dismissed, it will dissapear in a flurry of snow, magically transported back to it's own enviorons.


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