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MDC Rules


1.No Godmodding. Godmodding is when you tell another player what their character is doing and/or know things about the character that are meant to be secret (without getting the other muns approval). Just respect your fellow players and the moderators OOC. The character you play may be an evil jerk, but that doesn't mean you should be as well. And that kind of attitude takes a lot of the fun out of the rp. So let's try and keep it fun for everyone.

2. Don't ask to be a Mod please. If we feel we need to add another member to our team, we will decide who it is going to be. Asking us for the position directly is a fast way to stop us from considering you, as is dropping hints.

3. We accept characters from the Marvel, DC comic, and many other Comic Universes. This includes film and animated versions of characters. There's very little we won't consider here as long as it's comic book related.

4. We do not accept characters such as the Watcher, or the living Tribunal. Major cosmic beings are Moderator Operated NPCs. (This includes Galactus.)As a general rule of thumb, if the words 'cosmic', 'omnipotent', 'omniscient' or 'omnipresent' are in the characters description, it's not allowed, particularly since omniscient could bleed over into Godmodding territory.

5. Activity is important. You have a week (that's 7 days) after your character is accepted to make your first post OR join in an existing thread. You can also make a post in your character journal, but it's not required. If you need to go away or you're moving, please make a notification in earth_zero, or email or IM a mod. If you're in a thread with two or more other players, you've got 7 days to reply when it's your turn, after which point the other players will have the option of skipping your turn. If that happens you'll have to wait until your next turn to respond (If you're having a particularly busy week, this could work in your).

6. You cannot amalgam 2 characters from the same universe unless there is a character from another universe in there as well. Amalgams cannot contain more than 3 characters.

7. Post your character applications in the OOC Community earth_zero. Make sure you put MDC In the post subject. Applications should be close to a page in length at least. Just be as descriptive as possible and we're sure you'll do fine. If MDC is not in the subject title, we'll ask you to read the rules again so you get it.

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