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Rules for Eifel

1. Play nice or don't play! Please everyone respect each other and treat each other with dignity OOC. If you are contemplating something to do IC that you think may make the other person uncomfortable, please discuss it with them first.

2. No Godmodding. If you don't know, Godmodding is when you explain to the other player what THEIR character does OR you know things about the character that are supposed to be secret without discussing it with the other mun first. Don't do it. It's disrespectful and sucks the fun right out of the rp.

3. We accept characters from the above list of races and the occasional mixture of races. Very very few, if any Original Races will be accepted. Unintelligent Undead (Zombies, Animated Skeletons, ect.) will not be accepted as characters. Nor will ghosts. These creatures need the interference of a Necromancer to come into creation and have no will of their own.

5. You may have up to 3 characters starting off, and if you feel you can have more and are active, then we'll consider you for a fourth.

6. New players must make a post within the first 7 days or lose their characters. If you are having internet problems or are moving or something, please just give us fair warning k?

7. Yaoi, Het, Yuri, we accept it all. Just as long as we see more than just sex rp from you, we won't care. We're out to have fun, but this rp isn't centered around smut so try and have some normal character interactions from time to time :9

8. If you are applying for more than one character, please put the applications in separate posts, this makes it easier for the mods to add each characters information to the community’s memories. Also when you make your application, be sure to put 'World of Enchantment' in the Subject heading. That way we know you've read the rules at least once. :D

9. Please be active. If you do not post for more than three weeks and we don't hear from you, you will receive a warning. If you don't post or comment within 4 days after that, or if you have to be warned more than 3 times, you will lose your character(s). We do understand if you are having net problems, school, etc, but please, try and let us know, okay? Also, if you're in a thread with two or more other players, you'll have 7 days to reply when it's your turn, after which point the other players will have the option of skipping your turn. You will then have to await your next turn to respond. (no cutting in line :9)

10. NC-17 scenes are alright, but if you do such a scene, please put it behind an lj-cut with a warning in the title of the cut. That way, we all know what it is, and no one clicks it and ends up seeing something they didn't want to.

11. Applications must be detailed. Try for at least one page of text in total. Or, if you're not sure when you've hit a page, just be as detailed as possible, and we're sure you'll make the cut. Also, all applications should be posted in the OOC Community; jett_inc_ooc. This is where all out of character discussions should be held, so it's important to join it as well as the rp community.

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